Q:How to convert a pdf file to an AI file Adobe Illustrator?


Since, as a result of recovery, it is sometimes possible to recover data in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf files) more than in .ai form (Adobe Illustrator), users must convert PDF files to AI files correctly.

What is the reason that the restored .pdf file is larger than the restored .ai file? The .pdf file is larger due to the added compatibility of Adobe Illustrator files with other Adobe products. You can undo this compatibility manually and reduce the size of files with Adobe Illustrator graphic projects. But this is not very convenient in subsequent work with the file of the graphic project Adobe Illustrator. It is convenient to use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF files to AI files. So, to convert PDF to AI:

  1. Open the restored .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select – File | Save as…
  3. Specify the file type – Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)
  4. Click – Settings... button
  5. In the Range section, select – All
  6. Click – OK
  7. Click – Save
  8. Open saved .eps file(s) in Adobe Illustrator
  9. Select – File | Save as… in the main menu
  10. Now select File Type, indicate Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
  11. Click – Save button

Converting PDF to AI can also be done using third-party services or special tools.